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  • Electronic axle weighing scales in motion


    Axle weighing scales in motion ВВ-15D1.4А/D are suitable for dynamic weighing with data transmition to the remote PC.


    The scales can weigh in semi-automatic mode and process as follows:

    • Dynamic weighing of loaded and empty vehicles;
    • Input of gross and net weight of vehicle and output onto the display and/or to printer; • Input of unevenness of loading alongside the vehicle;
    • Notify the operator (traffic controller of weigher) about errors in weighing process and entry all cases of errors (exceed or low traffic speed);
    • Keep and transmit data about weight to other users (dispatcher, sales department etc upon the Customer's request);
    • Connection with other automatic control systems;
    • Fulfill internal system orders, testing of the system and sub-systems, error notification.



    The scales consist of weighing platform, weighing controller, load cells, junction box. The load cells are fixed to the weighing platform. Location of load cells makes available annual service and repairs. We provide our customers with all service and operation documentation. Operating temperature range:

    From 0 to +60 °С for digital indicator;

    From -30 to +45 °С for weighing platform.


    The scales are marked and labeled in accordance with the standards in force.


    Weighing controller is made on the base of IBM processor with ICA / PCI slots and has advanced software for accurate weighing and temperature adjustment of weighing data.

    Software has the following algorithms:

    • Vehicle identification;
    • Weighing and data processing;
    • Traffic control;
    • Accidents diagnosing;
    • Traffic speed and speed infringements;
    • Gross weigh of a vehicle;
    • Axle load exceeding.

    Information about weight, speed, infringements, overloads etc is indicated onto the display and is transmitted to the printer or the other external device. Configuration of input and output channels can be changed by the program; therefore, in cases of errors one or more channels can be excluded from weighing process.




    Maximum capacity, tons


    Minimum capacity, kg


    Actual scale intervals (d), kg


    Number of load cells, pcs


    Protection class

    IP 66/68

    Operating temperature range температурный диапазон,  0С

    от -30 до +45

    Power supply

    ~220В(+10%;-15%); 50 Гц +/-2%

    Accuracy class



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