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Electronic scales

Truck Scales have been successfully applied in various industries - from construction to agriculture. There are many types of scales - fixed, portable electronic and portable scales. Consume and install truck scales in production - that means automatically increase the efficiency of your business, optimize the processing and materials storage.

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Electronic scales used for static weighing of wagons of various types. Main advantage is a two-platform structure of weigher device that does not need expensive base. The scales are designed as pit mounted or pitiless versions.

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Designed for automatic weighing in the flow and the total accounting of bulk product (grain, bran, cereals, seeds, sugar, dried pulp and other granules and powder products). This type of scales can be used in technological processes alone or in various production lines in the agricultural, chemical, metallurgical and other industries.

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Electronic installation of filling gas cylinders BS-60D1.3 provides: filling a specified quantity of liquefied gas in cylinders, the residual (return) of gas, with the exception of intentional interference with the process of filling the container, sample container type.

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