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Ladies and Gentlemen!

"Alex S & E" is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of weighing equipment for industry and trade in Republic of Moldova. The company started in 1993 and in 2002 the company opened its own production of commercial scales, dosage systems, and automated metering systems for industrial and commercial enterprises.


Nowadays "Alex S & E" is one of the largest engineering companies in Moldova and other CIS countries. Commercial and service center is located in the more than 1300 square meters and employs over 100 people. Currently, we offer a range of services for automation process in trade and industry. Our main activities are:

    • analytical balance a wide range;
    • Production platform scales from 1 kg to 5 tons;
    • production of truck (10t - 60 t) and rail (100t - 250t) scales;
    • modernization of all types of scales from mechanical to electronic, including truck scales and rail scales, with access to the computer;
    • Production of all types of "medium-flow" and multi-metering dosage system, as well as upgrading existing dosing device from mechanical to electronic;
    • Automated Technological Process (oil extraction plant, feed production, mills, elevators, steel mills, glass factories, gas filling stations, etc.);
    • Automated Accounting system of raw materials, semi finished and finished products through weight control;
    • Integrated processing of products and goods in the warehouse, supermarkets, cafes and bars;
    • Establishment of automation process and local networks.

"Alex S & E" products became known not only in Moldova, but also abroad due to our extensive network of representative offices and subsidiaries, . Head Office is in Kishinev. Two more branches are in Moscow (Russia) and Kharkov (Ukraine).

All the items of our products  are certified and registered in the State Register of the Republic of Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

For 17 years our customers are the most companies of various industries such as metallurgy, oil and gas, mining and processing, meat and dairy and bakery, animal feed, oil extraction, tobacco plants, breweries, factories for the production of ceramic, porcelain and glass, the company trading and the transport network.

"Alex S & E" engineers and programmers continuously monitor trends in the development of industry and commerce in order to offer our customers the weighting devices, according to international standards. All specialists regularly undergo training abroad.

The company has established strong partnerships with the best foreign manufacturers of metrological, weighing equipment and components for the production scale. We work with companies from Holland, Italy, France, Britain and Israel.

The basic principles that we adhere to:

    • Strict enforcement of the customer's interests;
    • Use only the components  of the best foreign producers;
    • Warranty on all components, equipment and service for life.

Our best advertising - is the equipment that is reliable and trouble-free working to  our customers!


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