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All scales are made on the basis of an electronic tracer unit and the receiving device, in which are mounted strain-gauge Force meters. In the construction of a receiver no leverage and the prism, which essentially ensures reliable operation.

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Creation of a system that will meet the basic requirements of company managers (customers) is the final object of automation of your company.

• Efficiency in obtaining the information for management and control;
• Creation of common informational network in the company;
• Provision of all departments with information for decision-making;
• Optimization of labor costs for initial information input and reporting;
• Creation of safe and reliable accounting system in the company.

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Load cells manufactured by Revere Transducers Europe, the Netherlands on the latest technologies with titanium alloys, which have high accuracy class (C3 and C4). Load cell laser soldering provides a high degree dust and water proof (IP68), which allows to operate in the harshest environments.

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Pattern Approval Certificates for electronic scales, produced by Alex S&E

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